Mixed StateMature

Heard you found me wishing for the end of the world
it's so peaceful to watch the sky come crashing down
I'm so sick of doing the same fucking thing
and expecting different results
Oh, it's not even funny
to you, maybe
So leave me alone to wither, I want to wither

Come rising through the pain honey
but that old cunt keeps dragging me down
Please let me enjoy what little life I have
don't judge me just because you're scum
So wonderful you found a plant you can call God
but that's not how I want to live
I want to die by my own hand
not the sadness you invoke

Comatose; is life any easier?

We all need to vent, We all need to cry
We all need to bleed, We all need to try
We all need to love, We all need to sigh
We all need to hate, We all need to die

Nothing but silence
Nothing but silence

So take away my fucking lifeline like an addiction
but I'm not obsessed because it's your damn system
that will kill me before long because it's a damn prison
A fairytale told to those who masturbate over schadenfreude  
If something's gonna go wrong, it will
I'll gladly welcome World War III if it will shut you up

Nothing but silence
Nothing but silence

There's not much left to say
so I'll leave my Last Will and Testament for those
who only wish to see themselves
in the words I carved from my confused thoughts
welcome to frustration
It's an ongoing theme in this
motherfucking world 

The End

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