Mistress of Nature (or The Slip of Dawn)

My gods, they bring me dawn so I may
sleep upon the walk of nature;
traverse the seasons and wear like finest pearls
dew-beads on my toes and worn like anklets;

rhythm of the trembling Earth and crackling wind
that snaps like whips,
sings yet like swallows' sweetest songs.

Oh charming nature,
wholesome bard enchanting my heart,
feel the swell of my soul upon my breast and
know the fruits of Bacchus on my tongue;

rivet my flesh firm to the Earth to seek
in sung slumber and revel in reverence
of dreams that

cascade first from the stars of night's beseeching,
risen the moon and ride Endymion,
seek out Selene
as do I plead the tempting of Nature's desires.

The End

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