Mistress Fire

I'm a Pyromaniac. I LOVE fire!...In a non-Illegal-CriminalDamage-Arson kinda way :) and recently i've been enjoying personifying things when writing, so, I personified fire.

She’s beautiful.

She’s fluent, fluid, and graceful.

She slips over my hand…though my fingers,

And redeems me when I feel disgraceful.


Even when she’s not there…

I see her.

She flickers in the breeze,

And brings me to her knees.

She’s not there. And yet I feel her.


She is warm, when I am cold.

She is light, when I am dark.

She is kind, when life is bitter.

When she is love…she is heart.


She is spiteful, she is pain,

She is agonising and drives me insane.

She hurts, she stings.

When she is hate…she’s a fist with rings.


She flickers over my skin.

Sometimes she is angry,

Sometimes she is fragile.

Either way, she is beautiful and tactile.

Her burn to me is unique,

She tests my threshold,

And makes me stronger.

She continues to inflict her pain,

And I continue to last longer.


She can hurt me as much as she likes.

But her flickering orange aura soothes my soul,

Flowing fluidly through my fingers gaps,

My mistress fire is under my control.


Ryan Smith - 15/03/11 

The End

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