Poetic licence used on a life experience.
Differing effects on the words are to try to indicate the different sides/moods/emotions of the person speaking in the poem. Bold is meant to indicate the angrier harsher emotions, italics the sadder, broken, lonely side and normal font is used to show facts and a certain amount of acceptance.

Could you give me a second?
Just one second?
Can you look at me like I'm not a disease?

You hate me. Fine.
I hate me too.

I should have kept my fucking. mouth. shut.
Not spoken at all.
I'm so damn good at that,
So why did it fail me now?

You have decreed that past will determine future.
When all I want is now.
A nose full of white chocolate.
Softness. Warmth. A smile.

I'm afraid to touch you my love.
Please don't hate
No. Wait.
Hate me. Fine. Sure. Sigh.

We've been through this before and my eyes are sore
From crying.

The point in being strong?

Yesterday a weeping mess
Today the bitter taste of coffee the morning after.

I saw something break in you, as fragile as glass
When I once saw steel.
I recognize that ache in your chest. You forget.
I've felt it before.

Why should I be strong
When my whole world has shattered around my ears and it's
 my. fucking. fault.
A past nightmare come true. Past.
Past. Past. Past.

I was not yours then. I was no-one's.
Alone and cold and unfeeling.
I did nothing wrong.
Except make a mistake.

A past mistake. Which HURTS.

Stop thinking. Please.
Will you say something? Anything?
I need to hear your voice.

'I think I should go.'


Please don't go please don't leave me please

'You need to think. Of course. I'll see you to the door.' 

Why should I care?! I don't! I don't!

'I suppose...I won't see you for awhile.'

I don't want to lose you I can't lose you I can't

'Good night love.'




The End

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