Mistaken Identity

It's about being in a relationship with someone who has lied to themselves about who you really are, realising that everything they thought about you was wrong

You're not in love with me

You're in love with an idea

I think you've misunderstood me

and now I fear it's turned to dust my dear

You're in love with a conversation

and the real me is a disappointment

You think i'm wrapped around your finger

baby you're in love with a complication

You're in love with my worship

you're in love with what I desire

you've made me toss and turn at night

as you throw everything on the fire

I  can't make sense of it all

I can't make sense of what you want

forget I ever existed

I don't think you can kiss me goodbye

I wish I could be who you think I am

but sadly my baby

this love is mistaken Identity

I wish I could love you like you want

but baby that's just not me

one day I think you'll see

The End

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