Missing (teeth)Mature

Hardened, bony fingers stab into your shoulders,
Something screams in your ear
Flooding your head with a rush of blood.
A tightening grip, your screwed up face,
Ugly, twisted, spastic.

Thrown violently and suddenly against tarmac,
Your face slaps the concrete.
Cheeks bulge into repulsive tumour copies.
Stinging tears, your swelling face,
Battered, purple, tender.

Turned and thrashed and beaten,
A fist, a shoe, a fist, a shoe.
Nose bent horribly and cheeks about to spew.
Throbbing eyelids, your unfamiliar face,
Dragged, skewed, edited.

Now blind and bloodied your thrown aside,
Your teeth wrap round the kerb.
Scraping splinters mix the pavement,
Your gap-tooth face,
Picasso, a clown, The Joker.

You now look like you’re smiling,
Which is all the better for me.
Now you can enjoy yourself
As your skull acquaints my knee,
Mashed, mangled, massacre.

The torture soothes and silence comes,
I’m dumb, deaf, blind and numb.
Like an age-old doll been chucked around,
The marriage plans are torn and shred.
My face turns cold, my neck goes limp,
My body rots.
Long dead.

The End

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