She Believed in Second Chances

Someone once said some horrible things
to a small young girl.
The words echoed, sliced and jumped around her mind
whenever she was surrounded in silence.

The word cut deep into her heart
but she never told anyone
because she believed in second chances.

The person kept saying horrible things
whenever they say that small young girl.
Soon that person's, who was a young boy,
friend decided to follow along
in the game of hurtful words and laughter.

The small young girl never told her teacher,
her parents, or her friends.
because she believed in second chances.

She would say to herself,
I feel bad for them.
They must think that they are better
for trying to put me down
but they wont win.

The young boy and his friends
wouldn't stop for at least ten year,
making each school day
full of seven hours of pain

and still this young girl
kept her mouth shut
because she believed in second chances.

days, weeks, month and years
passed her by
as the words got harsher
and the pain got deeper

But she still wouldn't tell because 
she believed in second chances.

Though the scars appeared
on her arms and back
and the blood was bright red
she still didn't tell.

the young girl grew up
to become a young woman
who was very pretty and oh so smart,
she couldn't believe it
when others told her she was
because of the horrible words
and all the back stabbing she got

she still didn't tell
because she believed in second chances.

finally that young boy,
who now is a young man
got caught and was slapped on the hands
for the trouble that he cause the young woman.

but the pain wont stop
because the words linger
whispering in the moments of happiness

and she and her loved ones have to deal
with the pain and anger
that's locked and sealed deep inside.

but every so often someone complains
of the issues that come up with her
and she replies, sharply at times
"at least you get to leave."

this young woman still tries to forgive,
and hopes for the best
because she still believes in second chances.

The End

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