Memories from Him

I had always believed that he would be the man that would rock my babies to sleep when i was too tired to do it myself.

I had always dreamed of the moment when he would see me walking down the aisle in that white dress i saw in the window shop back in 10th grade.

I had always felt that smile that would appear on my face when i saw him walking towards me in the halls in school.

I had felt my heart flutter when he talked on how my younger sister looked like she could be our child if we got married.

I remember felling pure joy when he kissed me in the rain when the bus broke down and we waited to get on the other bus that would take us home.

I remember feeling jealous when i saw him talking to another girl who i thought was prettier then me.

I remember that cold winter night when i told him my dark secret.

I still remember the first time I met him that hot summer evening many years ago.

He has made me believe, dream, smile, have a faster heart beat, joyful, jealous get rid of secrets and most of all,
he has made me feel love.

The End

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