Remember, words really do change people

This girl's friend read an email that her friend and a boy sent to each other.

That  girl and a boy she thought she loved  were talking. In the email they had been talking for about a month when he eventually found a dark secret about what she would do to herself. And he flipped out.

When he next talked to her, he said some very hurtful things and she told him that the things that she had done to herself was because she couldn't help it.

After the very hard and mean chastising he gave her, and the explanation that he had believed that she wouldn't do it and then when he found he couldn't trust her anymore. He also said that he never wanted to talk or see her again. 

He left her there to cry and to wonder why he would do that to her when he knew that she was hurting inside and that she didn't know what else to do.

After months of being in sever depression and taking anti-depression pill that never seemed to work, the thoughts of killing herself started coming.

They first started as thoughts of just pulling the trigger and that was it. then it lead to leaving a letter to him and the ones that she loved and cared about just before she hung her self.

But she was too afraid of the later one so after a year of pain she wrote the letters too him and the ones she loved, and pulled the trigger.

She was found in her room with the letters, the gun and the blood.

When the boy recived his letter he ended up breaking when he read the end of her letter to him.

"Words really do change people. For better or for worse. Sadly, yours changed me for the worst that April day. Since you had left me I couldn't stop thinking of how much pain I was in or that I couldn't trust anyone anymore.  As you know, I ended up killing myself.  DON'T EVER LET THIS HAPPEN TO SOMEONE ELSE. Please let what happened to me be a warring to you and to others of the power of words. Remember: Words really do change people."

The End

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