I'll Never Forget

I'll never forget the day that mommy brought Little johnny home.
Little johnny was just five pounds.
The doctor said that he might not live for very long.
All because he was so skinny and had a hard time breathing.

But Little johnny did live.

I showed Little Johnny how to say no
How to stick his finger up his nose.
I even taught Little Johnny how to sit up.

But there was a storm.
I'll never forget that storm.
The storm that changed our family.

Little Johnny was very sick and he cried.
He cried when mamma held him.
He cried when papa held him.

He cried no matter what mamma and papa did.
I woke up and asked to hold little Johnny.
Mama didn't want me holding him but papa said that I would be fine.

So I sat down on Grandpa Mark's rocking chair.
I sat down and rocked Little Johnny to sleep.

But then with a crack of thunder and a flash of lightning,
the window broke and Little Johnny woke up.

I had enough time to react and cover Little Johnny.

But, the glass came flying at me and Little Johnny.
The glass cut me and made me bleed.
But I kept Little Johnny safe.

I wouldn't let him get hurt.

Mama and papa came running in.
They saw me and Little Johnny surrounded by glass.
Mama took Little Johnny away from me,
And daddy took me into the car.

We drove to the hospital and they put me on a white bed.

A pretty lady came into my room.
She stuck something in my arm,
and I feel asleep.

I woke up later with bandage all over me.
I wanted to see Little Johnny but no one would let me.

I was let out of the hospital a week later.

When mama and papa came to get me,
Little Johnny wasn't with them.

"Where's Little Johnny?"

Mama looked as if she would cry.
Papa told me that Little Johnny is in Heaven.

I told them that they were lying.
And that Little Johnny was at home waiting for me.

Just like how I would tell him that I would always be home for him.

Papa picked me up and we went home.

Little Johnny wasn't home.
He wasn't any where I looked.

Latter that week we held a funeral.
Every one from town came
Every one was dressed in black,
and every one was crying.

I was very quiet,
I didn't talk the whole time.
Only when I stood in front of his coffin.

I said,
"I'll never forget you Little Johnny.
I'll never forget."

The End

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