A Dream?

I saw your face
I can hardly remember it.

It's all because it was a dream.
A dream that was wonderful.

A dream where I was going to die.
A dream that had a kiss

You took me in your arms,
and you kissed me right there.

I was shocked
But I kissed you back.

As we kissed I felt at peace.
I didn't care that I was soon going to die.

Then I feel the ground give way.
I fell down into the ground.

When I hit the bottom.
I was badly hurt.

All I could do was roll around,
and cry because it hurt so much

I heard a voice.
I thought it was you.

But it was a girl.
with short red hair and a freckled face

She gave me a smile
her eyes when wide with delight

She raised her arm
in her hand was a sword

Her face went crazy,
as she brought down her arm

I woke up
that was all a dream?

Well, I'm trying to see
your face as you kissed me

But it's hopeless and sad.
You where just a figment of my mind.

The End

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