Friend missing

I remember the time we meet in school in 7th grade

I remember how this was our first meeting but we acted like we had know each other for years.

I remember when I asked you what was Naruto

and you acted like I was crazy

You told me all about it and you got me hooked

During the summers we didn't really hang out a lot

But once school started again we were back to hanging around each other.

Granted we didn't have classes together but we still hung out at lunch

But we always had a blast together

But 8th grade was the year that I started to get messed up

But we still made each other laugh.

Summer came again and we hung out more.

At a  party we where at I learned that I needed some bigger help.

But we are sill where BFFs.

We're both in 9th grade now

and we have a class together now

but I'm more messed up then I ever was

But we still act like girls and do a ton of talking

But a little while ago you told me you where moving

I didn't want to belive you since you where smiling at me.

But now as I write this I've started to belive that hey, you might be

telling the truth to me

I don't want you to leave

Your my BFF that listens.

I've started to cry now.

I don't want you to move.

I don't want you to move far away

It's not fair.

But who ever said that life was fair?

No one did

So I guess that I'll just have to enjoy the time that you are still here.

And I know that I don't know what hard times you are and where going trough.

But I do know how you will feel when you do leave our town.

You'll feel sad and you might just start to cry.

But just remember what you told me.

"We'll talk to each other some how"


The End

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