Missed Again

Cheater, but she regrets it, cause she missed the only one!


 Missed Again

You’re the one who placed the space, kept me close just in case, the little girl who loved the chase, you bluffed your hand without an ace, a pair of kings no poker face,                Thought you didn’t blush? My hand a royal flush! 

You bluffed the only one...

You thought you fooled you've been around you think, you’ve seen the sun you took a sip, but on your trip you missed the ship, you slipped you must admit,

You slipped the only one...

Amused, replaced, exchanged you switched the stories that you spun for fun, heavy bags must weigh a ton, the time you said you took a run while lounging friends the drinks the sun, you missed the starting gun,

You missed the only one…


                                                                                               ~t.m.k. \m/

The End

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