Miss You, With a Smile

A poem about trying to cope with the death of a friend, understand what you're feeling, or just getting your feelings out.

I know  I said I was okay,
But that turned out a lie.
The truth, I can finally say;
You had no right to die.
You had no right to leave me,
Or anyone else behind.
This is me... Speaking freely,
I wanted to say goodbye.

I don't blame you for leaving,
But, then again, I do.
I don't know what I'm feeling,
I know I lied to you.
I want to be smiling,
And I want it to be true,
But I can't help asking, why?
I never wanted you to die.

It sounds a simple thing to say,
And that's because it is.
I think of you every day,
It's you I'll always miss.
We had so many memories,
And many more to come.
My head is full with all of these,
When will it be done?

I love you.
And I always will,
But my heart can't take the pain.
When can I miss you,
But miss you, with a smile?
When will I be the same?
I've changed since you left me,
And I can't find my way back.
Can you help me like you used to,
Help make me see,
You're gone, but I can miss you,
Miss you, and be free. 

The End

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