Miss Rosè

This poem speaks about a beautiful young girl and her first heart break.

I know a girl

She's yellow mellow yellow boo, to the average lady I'm not talking about you

When she's inches away from me, her BOLDNESS and BEAUTY is all I can see

Miss Rosè, the TENSION in her eyes and the glance of her SMILE really PENETRATE me deep inside like a sword of lust PIERCING the walls of my soul FEEDING me with unrealistic DESIRES and a mute goal

Her sweet voice UNLEASHES doubtful words of a silent goddess COMPLIMENTING the image of a BROKEN heart with MISSING pieces

Forming SCARS of pain and depression causing dirt, EXPLAINING that she ONCE loved but got hurt

but I don't blame her

She simply longed for MAGIC not knowing that it was all a trick , now left all ALONE she is filled with sadness for courting with a GUY in matric

I sense her ill feelings frequently AGAIN and AGAIN she turns the other way with her arms TIGHTLY folded, she rests her head on the wooden desk

I try calling her name "miss Rosè, Miss ROSÈ you are BEAUTIFUL"

As I GAZE upon this fine lady with purple lips, a sizzling body and CURVES that symbolize PURITY her confident walk that draws towards MATURITY

Miss Rosè, I sometimes wish she was mine JUST Mine God's precious creation..... Miss ROSÈ

The End

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