Miss FlickerMature

'Flicker' is about the speaker's struggle with a tic, a sudden, repetitive nonrhythmic motor movement, which effects her eyes, causing a 'flicker' movement. She talks of her struggle with 'Miss Flicker' as she tries to make friends, who assume she is rolling her eyes at them, not interested.

Flicker. She doesn't allow me friends, 

She turns them away, makes them furrow

three forehead curses,

that reminds me of their hatred. 

Flicker, Flicker, my eyes seem to roll, 

out of my own control. 

Go away, Eve, I think they say. 

I will have to, I suppose, into the peculiar reaches of my mind. 

I gave you my books, you gave me your shoes,

but she reminds them of my supposed hatred. 

I fear for my books,

So Miss Flicker will make you fear for your shoes. 

My epileptic actions seem irrelevant to you, 

No, it's because you refuse to ask

and instead, you decide to see Miss Flicker.

I speak sometimes falsely, yet she often

speaks the Truth, they say. 

Flicker, Flicker, Flicker.

They appear comical to me, they entertain me. 

Miss Flicker enthralls my mind in documentaries,

films, period dramas, the news, 

persuading me unsuccessfully with porn and sex. 

I keep away from her, but my Miss Flicker waits

in my dorm room. 

Flicker, love, Flicker, hatred, Flicker, betrayal. 

The End

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