another thing - who has time for growing up?
i see girls trying to help everyone,
kids helping lost strangers,
the weight of the world just falls on our shoulders
and we are expected to be ready for it. 

this is utter bullshit. 
i mean, what the hell? 

do not take a child into your arms, 
call them son or daughter or kid,
and then dump your issues on them. 

there's a little thing called 
"responsibility" and "parenting".
you should really try it sometime. 

we are not the saviours of your generation, 
not raised to take care of you,
you birthed us, raised us, 
better show some care for us. 

it's stupid and it makes me angry,
but abandonment doesn't always entail
being left at the side of the road. 

absent parents qualify as well, 
i can assure you. 

be quiet, 
go think of your kid, 
and learn some humility. 

The End

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