The deed is done,
My fate is sealed,
I sit , mouth ajar,
Wrapped in astonishment,
hearing voices from afar,

I yearn to escape,
Separate soul from body,
Guilt seeps in,
I return the stare,
Holding up my chin,

I sit still, unattached,
The World rushing around,
Self-pity engulfs me,
My eyes glisten,
Making it hard to see,

I lie in wait,
For the snowy wasteland,
And black monsters which I fear, 
Words as sharp as a sword,
I grimace as they come near,

I plod home on a path,
Savouring the final freedom,
Hopelessness overwhelms my mind,
Reputation ruined in one day,
Relentlessly I walk on blind,

Every consequence springs to mind,
Emotions displayed as I think,
Anxiety burns within,
Palms sweat, limbs stiffen ,
Now I have to relate this sin,

I am a Prisoner Of Worry

The End

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