Talking to my friend at University, and she telling me about the people getting her down and making her self concious. This one was for her.

Warmth in your heart akin to a thousand suns,
With a sense of humour that strikes and stuns.
Somewhere along the line you lost the smile.
No one has benefited from its love in a while.

Looking in the mirror to despise what you see,
Revealing darkest truths struck a chord with me.
A rare, genuine beauty that transforms a view,
Claims only denied by the jealous, hurtful few.

Surrounded by bitches and life’s general dicks,
Recovering from their poison is no simple fix.
All I ask is you try and remember who you are,
Find forgotten peace to heal all painful scars.

The girl in the mirror is as gorgeous as ever,
Deserving of happiness in all her endeavours.
I hope it isn’t long before she finds her smile,
With a simmering joy she hasn’t felt in a while.

The End

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