I feel as if I am two.

I believe for each that only one is true.

My good and my bad, both lie beneath.

One hides behind my smile, pearing through my teeth.

I look into the mirror and gaze.

Seeing myself as if through a maze.

Heart beats, eyes blink.

Good and bad, seen together, link.

Lies and smiles.

Emotions together, categorized like files.

Black and white.

One blinded by light.

I take a look at myself, and think.

Look down at every detail, tiles, soap, sink.

Tears, blood, pain, all run free

You look at me in aw when don’t you just see.

I`m not different, I`m not crazy.

Locked in lies, life is getting hazy.

Secrets unfold, out of me by force.

Pulled right out of me at the source.

Pain on the outside, seems to silence the voices.

Unstoppable voices, ear shattering noises.

Single cut and the pain dissolves.

Single word and the fear evolves.

Peoples looks they break my heart.

They think my whole life is planned out, written down upon a chart.

Questions, questions and more questions, Stop!

I`m blowing a fuse and I`ve reached my top.

Why is it you can`t leave me alone?

I wish I could just talk through the phone.

I love my friends, they`re everything.

Without them I don’t have anything.

I am me, and why can`t you see?

I`m not emo, I`m not bad, I`m just me.

Look me in the eyes and tell me I`m wrong.

I sang myself a bloodsong.

Eyes connect, souls enter, lives entwine.

New life grows, a single branch, a vine.

I believed there was nothing to lose.

But I learned I had everything to gain.

I was tired of crying.

Had enough of lying.

Inside I was dieing.

Now I am doing okay.

I`m going day by day.

I think I am finding my way.

For now what can I say?

Just know that I`m fine next I say “Hey”.




The End

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