Mirror On The Wall, Why Are You The Most Judgmental Of All?

Mirror, mirror on the wall....

 I wonder why I look upon

with such hateful a glare and judgemental eyes

My mirror, My mirror on the wall

makes fear that I am not fairest of them all. 

I wince and hide like a scared ally cat, 

to afraid to look at the self that is me

afraid of the stares 


and words as if they could psychically hurt me. 

I changed my clothes, 

so no one could find me. 

I kept my head down, 

so no one would look at me. 

I am afraid of what they will think, 

and for some reason their opinion is obsessively important to me. 

I am no snow white, 

I shall not have a prince, 

the dress, 

or the happily ever after 

no, it simply won't end like this. 

I have doomed myself to be cold and hard.

To block all others out, 

to put up a wall.

I tell myself it is for the best, 

but in the back of my mind.

I know the truth; 

I've let the mirror on the wall judge and make a fool out of me too.

The End

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