Mirror, Mirror

Describes a girl's relationship with herself and how her perception of who she is affects her life.

Mirror, Mirror
Standing Tall
You are my life, you are my all
You greet me as I wake and say
That everything will be okay
Mirror, mirror
Like a child
You make my worries run like wild
A double me, another friend
You'll be there till the very end
She'll never hurt me, never break
But in my heart I know she's fake
A demon came and stole my joy
Mirror, mirror
Strong and wise
Everything we had was lies
You are no friend of mine
No perfect god or goddess divine
That cold hard glass that holds no warmth
It cuts my flesh, tearing me apart
At last I'm free, but free I'm not
From the constant pain you left for me
Mirror, mirror
Leave me be
A twisted monster you made of me
A pariah at best
A soulless corpse
No light shines before me, only shattered pieces of glass
No hope to yearn for
Only distorted reflections of me
Mirror, Mirror
With Shades of grey
You took the real me….
Far Away

The End

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