We all see something in our reflections on the Mirror yet no one else can but us.

The Mirror

’ve got a story that I just gotta write, and
This is what I’m feeling right now, but
Just won’t say it aloud or show of it, to
No one but the ones who read this;

I’m panicking as I can feel the only light
I’ve got inside of me and in this World, is slipping from my
clingy and sweaty palms

I just wished I could look at myself in the mirror,
you see, I am not always,
Full of happiness
and I can’t always be there for you

'Cause you see,
I’m just to afraid to look, to see the
Dark minded
Clingy fool that I see

The person I hide from everyone,
the real me I don’t approve of.

I feel the dull ache behind my eyes, and
I grow tired of this World that is both a blessing and a curse,
And I can feel myself slowly driving myself closer to this black void
’s always been inside of me

Choking myself to breath,
I grit my teeth as I try to subside this sick,
disturbing feeling in the back of my throat, and
in the deepest pit of my stomach


That doesn’t even compare to the chilling feeling I get
at the mere thought of losing everyone I care about and being alone,
As I am not strong enough to be alone,
for I am a weak fool.

Can you truly still care for me,
even after reading this?

The End

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