"Miracle Queen"

“Miracle Queen”


To the eyes beholding a heart in love’s flame burning nothing shall ever come between thy soul kindred. Though it is true devotion will be tested never once hath it shifted for it is forged strong beyond measure and grown incomparable to any other. Decided indescribable by those who seek to admire. Yes, it is you my

Dearly beloved,

The reason for sunlit days upon blacktop skies and the tear in my eye,

You are the pen to which I write, the Gi in which I fight and the

Only person

I need see at night.

The words that I weave you are the trick I keep up my sleeve. My eternal dream like a bright gleam leading me up stream unbeatable is our team.

I have found an end to my endless means


You are my

Miracle Queen


May 10th, 2012

Tanner Reiss  

The End

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