Minnow Park

Something personal.

I haven't felt your touch
For centuries, it seems,
Your gaze,
Open mouthed,
A decade or more.

Are you a ghost, Or a brumal
Spirit sent to remind me
I have tasted, and will again,
Whatever the outcome
Of this haunting year.

I reach out and I can never
Run my fingers up your spine,
As I once did, or tried.
Was that a fragment
Of someone elses life,
Floating on in the recesses
Of the material sky?

You've made me lament
Every night spent awake,
And every dream dreamt
To late,
I find you keening in my bed,
You call me a dirty liar,
And say you have lost your sight.

I mourn you, and wish you well,
Your phantom fades
And I waste away.
I know again, another will come,
But tonight you're the one I loved.

The End

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