Mine Alone

A journey through an undiscovered country in search of the promised land.

A piercing sunrise
singular as a kiss
urges the first steps
of my hungry journey.

Soft swelling hills
tempt roaming eyes
both sating and spurring
my rising wanderlust.

So I venture further.

Rolling upland passes
enrapture all my senses
tempting me to dwell
for a moment or a lifetime.

But imploring onward
momentum of discovery
and prickling curiosity
carry me along.

And I venture further.

Land gently sloping
toward fertile lowlands
gravity now quickens
my plodding steps.

Sun-warmed soil
caresses the skin
of the bared soles
of my rolling feet.

And I venture further.

Speeding steps
Rushing breaths
Pounding heartbeat
All are suddenly halted.

Where a low iron fence
as ornate as lace
marks the bounds
of a hidden valley.

Before I venture further;

I pause peeking through.
Carefully manicured orchards
of luscious ripening fruit
wait temptingly beyond.

Perfumed air beckons
buzzing honey bees
to ticklishly fertilize
blooming buds of flowers.

Finally, I venture in.

Who erected this fence?
Who tends this orchard?
Who gathers wild honey
to claim it their own?

Today, I do not care.
Today, it is mine alone.

The End

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