mindwandering on megabus


Bus creaks on, forever roaming through bright yellow meadows,

Proud of its chrome coating and pathways eventualising for its inhabitants to feel a four month longed for embrace,

I pierce apple skins with my over kissed teeth,

And recall relished rapture of my debut granny smith

When the 1980’s was only

A few blinks and weary sniffs away from the present

The present with its hovering hordes of dust gathering apace en masse

Caressing in tailspins around parqueted library floor corners

Pointing in rectangular plaster streams of whirlpool light

Towards the horror bookcase encrusted with microbiology 7th edition mouth waterers, so relished by all compulsive jumper clad dons, who lack sex and become excitable at new editions rather than suspenders being removed from dangling legs .

Corners opposite object of dust point is contrasting,

To a more vitallic brain fluid,

Chinese symbol print writers sigh put to paper amongst bundled et binded shelves of steel supported spectacularly flower rimmed books,

Absolute showcases to lucidity

Exponents of utter pen joy

From the milky depths of ink pots,

And reservoir of memories

With nearly romanced lovers, paddling gently in the estuary expanse boundaries which such and such metaphorically verbalising said memory reservoirs, knee deep and gargantuan enough to overwhelm a  pinhead to satisfy a towns insatiable demand for water pistol showdowns at dawn and budget western shoot out reincarnations.

Honk the horn,

Just like foghorn leghorn , steaming roller Mississippi  steamboat supreme encloaked by coal residues pillars of black enpoisenment gradually evaporating and loosing significance as they hit the sky’s roof and look down on deck of steamer where brass band is walking the plank and mark twain is summoning inspiration from two much sucking up of the nationalist sentiment from the turning wheels of paddle steamer , who will never stop while negroes are singing the blues in the misty rain and looking glum on their tea brakes caressing a dull colleagues overalls also slave maintained for comfort and profit kicks.

The End

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