Midnight SaloonMature

By Mooky Blaylock

One night I stopped at a road side saloon,
only then getting what the Sun's all about, as I stood.
Convertible Chevy Nova parked round the back
Resting its bones after a long days run

Cigarettes and Beer was all I had
The need for something harder
tickled my throat.
Something that can erode this inner rust

Upon entrance the room felt like it was spreading
Just for me, bringing me forth
into its warm embrace
To the point of no return

It felt exactly the way it should...
Everyone was exactly where they wanted to be.
For, As far away as possible, was found here tonight

This was limbo
For every man and woman who has seen the game of life for what it was
And decided that amongst the everyday wars of superficial delusions
They would not be part

The bartender was friendly
When he gave me my drink.
and asked if I was from far
I said:"Yeah, way far brother"
"I heard that" he said, and smiled
Before he drifted back into the set path of service

As my eyes traced the gloom of the room
It stumbled upon a lonely jukebox machine
across the bar in the dark
A girl in a wheelchair
sang the shit out of Dancing Queen

It was as then, as if the room darkened
and a spot light shone down straight from God
As if she was on a stage,
all dressed up, and singing her heart out for one last time

She was beautiful,
and I think,
Maybe I was the only one who saw
In my heart I tipped my hat in salute

For tonight there is no room for pity
We are all equals,
or at least until daylight
For tonight we can all just exist
Without the smothering pressure of social obligation
constantly smacking at your door

We are the ones the world could have done without,
But decided to keep after all

And you ponder the sins of the cynic?
Too many to count, and just enough to remember intimately; I reply
Of which the point of all still remains a mystery
Or at least as a mistress that comes and goes in the middle of the night

So if I have to leave you with something tonight
Don't be stupid, don't be blind
Don't let fictional fantasy lead you as a mule
But be Real. Be honest with yourself.
And don't just be an unanswered question

But be free. Be irrationally constant.
And one day maybe, we can all meet at the Midnight Saloon
And the moment of just being shall last for all eternity

The End

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