Midnight Rendevouz

Two people once in love go their separate ways. He describes the time spent with her gone. As time goes by , the image her face becomes a distant past, yet midnight tryst encounter, in dreams is where he sees her, everything just the way it was when together they were...


Midnight Rendezvous

Unwavering love once fable thought, refuted

Asserted end unproven tale ,left burdened

You call, you dial, you try to strike a deal

In clear despair a life to live defeat, Indeed, deceit

The nights are often long, the days drag on prolong,

Then as time so oft persists

Extended days

 Withstand resist

A pale depicted  cryption

Her eyes  were once

 So vivid clear

The months wane into years, in shrivel doubt the picture wilts

Fine feeling disappears.

A distant phase much time amazed nothing left to view,

Yet still in rest in sleep in slumber, a tryst our midnight dream encounter.

                                                                                                ~t.m.k.   \m/

The End

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