Midnight Dancer

This is about two caged beasts being set free. The story is of an overworked girl taking an overworked horse out for a ride when she is not supposed to. But the message is that sometimes you need to break the rules to be truly happy. You need to feel free, but there will still be bumpy spots along the way. But they will be smoothed out and you will be happy in the end.

I see light in the window,

I hear laughs from inside.

I'll have to wait longer,

Till the party has died.

The sun has set now,

And all are in bed,

All except me,

With my plan in my head.

I sneak to the stable,

It smells of hay.

I see my horse,

She lets out a neigh.

"Shhh, be quiet" I beg her with need,

We can't let them hear us, we have to take heed.

I can't believe it, I'm stealing a horse,

But my hate for her owner leaves me with no remorse.

After all, I'm giving her back,

I just want one ride through a night of jet black.

Quiet and quick, I swing up on her mane,

I ride with no saddle, no bridle, no reins. 

They tell me she's dangerous,

They tell me I'll die.

But they can't discourage me,

I want to fly.

Bareback I'll ride her,

And ride without fear.

Why, I want her to gallop,

Charge, buck and rear. 

She's just a filly,

She wants to play.

You can't expect her to work all day.

What I'm doing is what is right.

It's awful I must do it in the cover of night.

I have to leave quickly,

Before I am seen,

I urge her on hurriedly,

And she canters into the green.

The grass sways lazily,

In the summer breeze,

But when my horse shoots by,

It fills with energy.

The moon and the stars,

Light our way from the sky,

As well as a couple flustered fireflies.

My horse gallops and dances,

So glad to be free.

She clears logs and streams,

Oblivious of me.

I hold on and smile,

While this filly flies around,

But suddenly an ugly turn,

When I come crashing to the ground.

I couldn't hold on to her dance of delight,

A wild capriole send me flying through the night.

My startling spill spooked my horse,

She took off running,

Rustling the gorse.

Where she's going,

I don't know.

I can't catch her,

I just hope she's heading home.

I sit in the grass and cry "I'm dead, I'm dead!"

But I need to think what to do instead.

I'll get a beating,

I'll be disowned.

I don't want to be exiled from my own home! 

But suddenly I feel a nip on my shirt,

I look over my shoulder,

"You came back!" I blurt.

Sure enough, there's my ride.

She nickers at me,

My tears have dried.

I get back on and ride her home,

I think I've had enough time to roam.

I tuck her safely back in her stall,

And then into the loft where my own dwellings are.

My midnight ride softly snoozes below,

The crickets chirp near the walls of the home.

The warm breeze soothes my rallied soul,

And I drift to sleep thinking what my blessings are.


The End

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