Midnight City

From a walk I once experienced...

For the calm of new fallen snow lies in silent peace and stillness

Gently covering the loneliness of midnight city streets


And as I walk, I cannot help but wonder


How can it be so unaware of where it present lies

Has it not seen the desolation

Has it not heard the cries


Perhaps it doesn’t know the tales, lying there on unkept ground

On the broken streets and walkways

And rooftops all around


But I suppose I too am unaware. Lost in this brief moment


For on morrow day when snow melts away

And peaceful white turns back to grey


My walk shall once again be amidst the tranquil cold

Of midnight city streets


But for now I pray,

Let the impression of this night rest forever upon my heart


That God indeed…

Is no respecter of persons

The End

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