Around the corner

Nostalgia is cruel,
Especially when its fresh and new.
Because you know that there is always
Going to be more, never less.

The dreams you set for yourself,
When you were five, then at ten,
Then at 15, many are now only possibilities,
On an alternate time-line.

You have studied for long,
Done a degree too many,
And still you find yourself feeling
Rather incomplete.

And to think your parents,
Were teaching you about life
And how to survive it,
When they were around the same time.

Makes you rather suspicious,
About the whole parenting thing.
Now that you yourself,
Have to contemplate it.

The past was when you
Thought that someday
You might just be a hunk.
That someday you'll hit the gym.

But now you have lived,
Through 2 decades of laziness.
And every player on your sports teams,
Is younger than you (and richer too).

Its cool to still look young,
And not gain a kilo in years,
While the mind's been bloating itself up
Gorging on tonnes of (often useless) information.

How much more can you possibly learn,
Before you feel adequate enough.
Cos the older you get,
The more you realize, how little you know.

The late night parties,
Are slowly on their way out.
Because you suddenly stopped,
Being a hedonist, in your quest to be meaningful.

There was a time,
When everything was new.
Now sometimes,
Things feel a little tired.

Middle age is just around,
And come with it,
You get an extra rounds of what-ifs.

And yeah.
This is it.
My rant
To an inevitability.

Life is good.

The End

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