Mid-2012 Random Writings II

Loving memories
Stand not in the sands of time
But in stone untouched

Maybe in autumn, like the leaves
That fall from the trees,
You'll fall away from my mind.
But my heart's an evergreen.

He made a strike at the depth of your heart,
It threatened to rip you apart.

You can tear the fabric off your skin,
But it will never reveal the things that lie within,
Is that the way anyone wants to live?
Is that the way anyone wants to love?

Wrapping up dishes in newspaper,
And all I see are the past three months go by.

With the amount of guys that love you as much as I,
Or even more,
It's no surprise you don't remember every one that knocked,
Upon your door.

The pen and the tongue before the sword, they say.
But the paper is stained red and the megaphone only
Sounds screams...

The End

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