Mice Don't Plan

So, let's see... down by six, late in the game... will there be a rally? I don't know... I just know I won't write just to fulfill the initial goal of a poem a day... It was a goal, and so very few of those have ever been met... but my road is strewn with detritus from the trying... (hmmm, naybe I should count these intros...)

Mice Don't Plan

Dig the dirt

sow the seed

Wood and wire

fence the feed

realize the rain

will often withhold

help with hoses

garden with gold

day filled duty

nurture the nest

withdraw the weed

germinate the guest

Inspect the insect

punish the parasite

protect the pollinator

break the blight

tend the tradition

meet the morn

work until weary

continue the corn

furrow the field

body does break

eating the energy

age takes away

mouse sitting motionless

wonder and wait

providence of patience

gap in gate

The End

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