Mia PoesiaMature

A book for my own poetry. [Mia Poesia means 'My Poetry' in Italian]

Death's Way

Roses and Blood

Encircle her on the floor,

She's sound asleep,

To awake to no more.

Holes and Death

Rest in her heart,

Like a bull's eye,

Stabbed with a dart.

Bullets and Pain

Shot through her side,

All within seconds,

And then she died.

Bruises and Scratches,

Scrapes on her back,

From behind,

An unfair attack.

Strangled and Choked,

No chance for a breath,

Then face to face

She met Death.

Drowned in her tears,

But drowned in a lake,

Any sign of life

Must be fake.

Somewhere, someone misses her,

But here, Death welcomes her.

The End

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