Everything we see, and beyond, is composed of atoms.
Two or more make up everything we know, and then some.
These atoms form the structure of our DNA;
And it's this strand, with its code, that makes us to be this way.


©2013 Nick Robinson


The Milky Way- my parent, this solar system- my family

Existing in a universal law of physics, with nature, such as we

An errant act, and chain of events, cast me out into the void of space

Severing me from my planetary home, and separating me from the human race

Now sent adrift, far from the pale blue dot

Otherwise forgotten, until I’m pulled back in for another shot


I am a meteor, cast out into the void of space by a catastrophic event

Occasionally, I collide with foreign bodies, and then deflect away again

My interior may well hold rare and desired material to revere

Yet my exterior is bumpy, unappealing, and deformed from the years

On the occasions I’m pulled back into range of Earths majestic sky

I’m only seen as a mystery, a freak of nature, which will hopefully keep passing by


I was created and formed to be this way, and will continue to remain

I could only witness the gradual evolution, and steady natural change

Now I drift alone through the vacuum of space and time

Maybe to one day join another body, in a far and distant future of mine

Until then, I can only continue my spiral in and out of orbit with Earth

Looking in on the masses, as they look back at the alien intruder,

unknowing of its worth


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