Junked-up mind

Finding treasure in trash

Sorting, reassessing

Digging deep for a meaning

She smiled and hugged me

Pushed me over the edge

Built a home in my heart

Left it vacant and bare(d)

The bloody partitions of my empty house beat

Pulse poison through passion

Disrupting my system

I drop and I leak

Flush toxins down my cheek

Pick myself up by the scruff of the neck

I trip and I fall, but I'm not quite dead yet

Nibbling vittles

I play Satan's fiddle

I curse and I yap when I should shut my trap

But puking these words is bringing me back

Water, more water

And tell her the truth

If she can't be free, at least you can be

And hopefully she will eventually see

You've cleaned up your garbage

Yet she is still trapped

No joy in green slime

No peace in your mind

The End

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