This song is about many things, expectations of others, how much of what we do is truly of our own volition, betrayal, and how human nature is geared towards that of eternal combat

Born into nothing

The memories a haze and I travel

The short threads of my spiderweb of fate

One by one, the workings and fabric begin to unravel


What can you discover but heart ache

What can you feel but your bones starting to break

Trapped in the claws of a problem greater than gods

One by one the circles rise to burn


Deep, my grievances put behind the black door

Laid to rest, as I battle for my last breaths 

I've lost it all in the name of discovery

I gave it all, in exchange for a hopeless death


I can heal the wounds of the world but not my own

The love of others I could not possibly return

The waters I walk, wishing to trap me forever

I show no grace, because I have none to give


Lovers whisper tales and notes of caution

But my mind's already twisted beyond contortion 

Paranoid, overworked and my heart begins to give out

Another stupid excuse to lay the blame elsewhere


My brother, why does your blood begin to boil so?

My father, is this the legacy the chosen son should create

My mother, love was never enough to pull me back

I turn to the world, a victim moulded by the hands of fate


Friends turn against me, lovers cannot bear the sight of me

Wicked kings, cleanse their memories of me

I feel the lash of whip, and a crown of thorns upon my head

My legacy was to usher in this era of dread


Finally sweet release is near, but ancestors have other plans for me

Have other plans for the suffering they bring 

Lain cold in stone, my last words shall shape the world

So much death for interpretations of my name


Angels and figures of white come to greet me at the door

My last free action is to condemn and ignore

But even my ignorance was written in stone

Even in death, fate will not leave me alone


The birds that fly in my name, may the world ease it's suffering

The oceans foul and the skies a poison, I hope to drench myself in fire

The threads of my fate, torn apart, shredded to ruin

The interpretations of my name, will become a world's undoing


They wait in vain, for the day of my return parade

Long before these years, I gave up hope for the world

Since death I have fallen to darkness

My innocence long turned to shame

But do not hate what cannot be changed

Put yourself in my place and ask

"Would I have done the same?"


The End

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