Mere words....

A simple poem about Emotions....

I admit I'm not that good with emotions,

Though I seem to know what you are going through....

I can't find the words to console you

To tell you i'll be there 

and its gonna be alright.

Don't blame me for not expressing myself,

With mere words spoken, that everyone can!

If you truly believed in me or even tried

You would have noticed that I express myself

Through my actions showing how I care.

Don't compare me with others 

Because I'm not here to listen to you,

Going on and on about how someone's better than me in every goddamn way,

Magnifying my faults that defines who I truly am.

You don't seem to care anymore

Though I think you never did.

I had just sugar coated you with my imagination all along,

To be perfect..... just perfect for me.

The End

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