Mere Desperation

Simply about losing all control..

She's floundering,

On the surface she's youthful,


Nothing wrong.

Further, deeply, further,

She's bouying,

Bobbing on the surface,

Wondering whether to stick it out and tread the water

Or sink like the walls before her.


She's needy,

Wanting nothing more than to be touched,

Than to be whisked away

To some idyllic fairy tale,

Except her character is no picture book.


She's fragile,

All trust,

All faith shattered.

Those lean limbs are so pronounced

No one can see they are held together with sellotape.

All she is doing is leading her life

Like a fake.

The people,

Regardless and deliberately blind

Lustfully take, take, take,



There's nothing left.

The End

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