Mental Dissection

You're a creature who feeds on fear.

There is something scalpel-sharp

Just beneath your soft voice

I never knew until you tried

To get inside my mind

You're not the only carrion bird

In this outland of human lives

You want to be the puppeteer

A creature who feeds on fear

There was no attempt to close the wounds

Your cutting scrutiny exposed

You warmed my face and drew me in

Just a game you planned to win

Here, take my private thoughts

Take my favorite words

Take my misery and my mirth

I loved to share it with you near

But you're a creature who feeds on fear

We played our little games

And we told our little lies

Like a seasonal flower

It was time for it

To die

You are not the only one who is

Afraid to love, afraid to trust

But people are not yours to tweak

Emotions do not make us weak

There was no attempt to even mask

The satisfaction you received

Needling at my tender spots

Is this what you always sought?

You made your deep incisions

And spared no anesthesia

Sutures still hung loose

So you cut them

And withdrew

Here, take my philosophies

Take my rawest vulnerabilities

Take it all; pretend to be sincere

A monster who feeds on fear

Someday they will know

What you are

The End

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