Menacig Creed

A story about mental illness and the uncertainty an acceptable recovery awaits

Lost eyes display no vacancy sign

No choice to politely decline

So many beings to ignore

They, with a vengeance, do explore


Torturing a mind without  escape

Within a place, manipulate

Obstructing flow with an aching need

Does cause harm; this menacing creed


Whispers of promise and damaged might

Evoke wings with magical flight

Only those who undoubtedly hear it

Fly with inhibited spirit


Reveal the plight the voices may dare

Which cause your anguish and despair

Take vengeance on your unholy ghost

Who invaded and made you host.


Healing the mind will release your soul

Ask for God’s hand to make you whole

Looking only left but never right

Overshadows His guiding light


Follow to the right to see the dawn

And break free as the devil’s pawn

Sweet baby boy, we feel your pain

For none of us are truly sane

The End

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