Men in love


Men in Love



I’ve seen men in love, I blinked and they still remained

It’s not a myth written by Nora Ephron.

They held their lovers hands, tenderly, openly

They walked together through the humdrum

Passing through my vision, into their own enlightenment

At least that’s how it seemed to me.

How it always seems to me.


I’ve seen men in love as ardent as any woman

I’ve seen a man in love,and kindness becomes a persona,

Something genderless

And I question every emotion love as evoked in me.

Every wrong I’ve made in the name of self preservation

And most of all, I question every move I’ve made out of spite.


I’ve seen men in love and so I know it’s a possibility

Not just something inborn in the supposed tender hearts of women.

I’ve seen men in love just not with me.

And I question the company I keep.

I look to the mirror and recesses of my soul.

I see the burden and all I can say is

I’ve seen men in love

I’ve seen men in love


I’ve seen men in love yet I am so cynical

I’ve seen too much and left with so little

I’ve looked with the eyes of a child

And left with the shame of a whore

I’ve cleaned my own slate over and over

Yet I can’t seem to do the same for mankind

I’ve seen men in love


I’ve seen men in love

I crush the thought to my chest

And it beats right through me

The time for questioning is over

Yet I’ve come to no solution.

I’ve seen men in love

And all I can do is all I’ve ever done

Pray for such a thing for myself.

The End

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