Memory Hoarder

There I see you

Sitting there across the way

Your fingers twining in his as you smile your smile

You have no eyes

No thoughts at all but for that one boy


And there again

Your long brown hair flowing

Perched upon his lap, you’re the queen of the world

You have no cares

For as long as you have him

Nobody else matter


I never thought that

You could say such words

Cruel daggers stabbing me each time you speak

Blind accusations, baseless excuses

You just don’t want me

You just don’t need me

Not now that he’s in your life


I never dreamed of

The day my best friend disown me

The heat of your gaze burns the joy out of me

Blind accusations, baseless excuses

You think you could do without me

Well, that may be true

But I can’t do without you


Am I a memory hoarder?

Fingering each sign of our friendship in my mind

Remembering the days of our childhood

Remembering the days of just us two

Of girl power

Of “best friends forever”

Of secret handshakes and our own language?

Or have you just forgotten

That we swore once to be friends through thick and thin?


I guess I played the fool

The disposable best friend, the unwanted third wheel

I guess I’m sentimental

But the sound of your voice

Your receding back, shrugging off the mantle of our friendship

Breaks my heart more than any boy ever could

And I cry

Just remembering how we were

The End

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