Memory Four

Should we die for our dreams?

The sun dies, we find ourselves in a dirty autumn,
An eclipse on her life, she’s going to die tonight,
To know (to know) why…
God sold her soul to the day, she can’t be replaced,
Her mind just seems to… Memories fade.

The sun dies,
Dark insides,
Love lies,
Why can’t we just live our lives?

The moon dies,
Twist inside,
Get behind,
Why can’t we just live our lives?

White in, white out.
I’m in, control of everything you wish to be,
Fire’s out, you know this memory will be your end.

I just fade, harvest night on the edge of my world,
She’s made a big mistake, my ocean turns into a lake,
I find I can’t cry…
Wilting roses and the blades, orchids strangled and fade,
My world just seems to… Memories grey.

Once in a life time, is that what your memory is for?
One love in a life time, that is what your memory is for.
One death in a life time, what is your memory for?

So Love dies, I’ve found my heart in a fire, beating,
My opium lays stale, patterns of ecstasy trail,
I’m here, (I’m here) now…
I want you to find love today

I’ll leave without a trace,
And my heart just seems to… Memories stay.

It often seems, we tear apart at ourselves our whole lives,
Because we don’t know what it means, should we die for our dreams?
She doesn’t know, what this means…

Once in a life time, that is what you memory is for…

The End

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