Memories While Burning

My head is burning
It's my brain
Feels like its shrinking

Maybe I should stop remembering
And focus on getting help
But no
I want to hold onto these memories
I won't let them out of my sight
They might fade away.

I remember you used to come by our table
With such disinterest, and so casual
Grace through apathy.
I'd loved to hate it.

I remember your walk.
Hands at the front
At the ready
Legs taking cautious, planned steps
Never improvising, looking ahead
I weep for it's loss
I miss it so

My head is throbbing
My vision is fogging
But not the memories
They're still with me.

Do you know your chin dips when you smile?
But the height of beauty.
As if making a point,
It retreats into your neck,
And your eyes look up
As if to emphasize
Innocence, or seriousness.
Whichever you need.

I can no longer see
My eyes have surrendered
The heat is too much

We all would sit
In a corner of a restaurant
Rarely visited booths.
We'd all lie down on the booth seats
Telling jokes and kidding around.
But I would just look at you
Sometimes you'd look back
And when I dared to keep my gaze
You'd say
And I would melt.
I still don't know what it was.
Your hair, running behind you
Your voice, the sweetest sound imaginable
Or your stare.
You didn't mean anything by it.
You didn't have to.

My head will burn
My brain will deteriorate
I will lose all memories
An empty space of flesh and blood
But you.
I held onto that.

The End

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