Memories of Her

Someone recalling their good memories of someone they loved so dearly

Things are better now

That's what they tell me today

But I think again and look back

To the smiles and times of yesterday

Wherever I walk

The ghosts come and go

The smile and warmth returns

For a moment, then I'm cold

It's funny how my life fell aside

It's funny how your memory never dies

As life ebbs away at my joy

I'll never forget how you made me feel

The explosive joy you made me feel

All these years later and I'm everywhere

And nowhere at the same time

All these years later I still dream of you

I still dream that you were mine

River side walks and the hills before us

The moon lights our way

As the stars adored us

I held your hand and you held my trust

Love that night burnt with unashamed lust

I held you, sweet embrace until the dawn

But then the years came and went

We fell apart

My heart felt torn

The End

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