Memories and more

Lo, my heart does so often regale

My love, my life, my pilgrim’s tale

As days and weeks hurriedly fly by

Truant memories do often belie.


The silent whispers of my pretty lass

Enchantingly holding my heart in a thrall

Her ravishing beauty remains deeply etched

Her wanton ways lingering, though stretched


Life winged past at a reckless pace

Racing down Time’s endless space

At speeds, which were to me, a bit too rapid

To soak Life’s moments, both frosty and tepid


As life now slows its hurried gait

Body and spirit do steadily abate

Swirling memories of random joys

Seem like a few of my broken toys.


Pledges and promises seem hard to keep

As I’m silently drawn into a slumber deep

Frames and dreams entrancingly dwell

In burrows and furrows in a foreign realm.


As in faith, I draw nearer the Holy Grail

My faltering steps, do my resolve fail

With Stinging memories of teasing joys

I blissfully strut ahead of my broken toys.

The End

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