Your eyes mirror a beautiful obsidian of sorts,

A mischievous twinkle in deep space.

Knowing no depth in them, for there is none,

A shimmering eternity of restless black water.

~ ~

Whosoever believeth their eyes be better than yours,

I dare ye! stand forth and claim the title.

Go on now, what shame is there more so

Than stealing a label that does not rightfully belong?

~ ~

Your lips curve as delicately as rose petals,

A soft pink against your fair shade.

With a kind smile, a quick quirk of the corner,

Then gone again quietly, flashing a brilliant white.

~ ~

Whosoever believeth their lips be sweeter than yours,

I dare ye! stand forth and model the fine curves.

Go on now, what harm is there in bursting with pride

In a lie that bears no fruitful truth?

~ ~

Your charcoal hair plastered so neat and suave,

Gleaming a majestic array of colors beneath the smiling sun.

So vivid a contrast, your hair and your skin,

Portraying a hidden Yin/Yang personality of their own.

~ ~

Whosoever believeth their radiance be fairer than yours,

I dare ye! stand forth and glow like the moon.

Go on now, what misfortune is there in boasting light

That is as dim and dingy as the swamps?

~ ~

Your voice belongs to that of a seraph in Heaven,

A melody tuned to the finest of harmonies.

The words ring of the sound of freedom and wonder,

Dripping with melted chocolate and delicious delicacies.

~ ~

Whosoever believeth their charisma be stronger than yours,

I dare ye! stand forth and make an example of the passion.

Go on now, what wrong is there in demonstrating falsely

A trait that none other can wield rewardingly?

~ ~

If there was one  once, they wouldn't be half the same,

As one cannot find another with the likeness of you.

Perfectly crafted from the mere wisps of a favored imagination:

Cunning, addictive, unpredictable, dangerous.

Yet sweet, kind, caring, and dare I say? -- beautiful.

~ ~

If one was to find a beauty like yours,

Would they be near as beautiful?

If one was to find a prestigious power like yours,

Would they be near as powerful?

Nay! there be none near the kin of you.

~ ~

Upon your presence, all should realize the rarity

Of such an occasion, for there is none other than

The power as yours, the might as yours, the beauty; O beauty...

By obsidian, rose petals, and the envying seraphs of Heaven,

There is, and alwas is, the love of your glorious dark beauty.

The End

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