Sonnet V: The Bumblebee

((If you sing this aloud, you'll see where I'm coming from with this. I wrote it during homeroom in health on Monday, and it's supposed to be something along the lines for children. And a bit to the beat of a song. Again, for children. I wrote it simply out of boredom, though, now that I think about it, it could be used to help little kids remember what a bumblebee is... But I still like it and find it rather catchy :) ))

I am a bumblebee, a bumblebee,

I go buzz, buzz, buzz, I go buzz, buzz, buzz,

I like to sting you see, to sting you see,

I have prickly fuzz, I have prickly fuzz.

I am a bumblebee, a bumblebee,

I like yummy pollen, yummy pollen,

I live in a nest you see, nest you see,

I feel like I'm fallin', like I'm fallin'.

I am a bumblebee, a bumblebee,

I am black and yellow, black and yellow,

I like to make honey, to make honey,

I have wings that flow, I have wings that flow.

I do all these things you see, things you see,

'Cause I'm a bumblebee, a bumblebee.

The End

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